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Welcoming Since 1897
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We are a Southern Baptist Church engaged in and supporting the mission of God in the world

through personnel and church-wide efforts and the cooperative program. 

Core Values and Purpose Statement of Olive Branch Baptist Church:

Salvation, Prayer, Authority of the Bible, Lordship of Christ, The Great Comission,

Loving Relationships, Godly Leadership, Biblical Financial Stewardship, & Engaging Small Groups

Purpose Statement:

Olive Branch Baptist Church exists to go and make disciples of Christ through prayer, fellowship, worship, missions and ministry.

Vision Statement: 

Building a better Olive Branch to further God's kingdom here.

A little history. . . 

  • On Sunday, September 19, 1897 in a little schoolhouse out in the woods near here, a few dedicated people came together with one purpose in mind, to constitute a church.

  • Brother William Hursey was invited to preach at this meeting. After which, in a business session, the church was really constituted and was named “Olive Branch”.

  • There must have been great faith, devotion and courage within the hearts of these few friends and neighbors as they covenanted together.As the covenant was read it must have been very awe inspiring and deeply meaningful to these as they listened to the words.The door of the church was opened. 8 came by letter, 8 by experience.

  • November 10, 1897
    Brother Cobb, the first pastor, preached, then called a conference. The building committee was instructed to put in a bill for lumber to build a church right away. A.H. Edwards gave the site for the church, Dennis Kelehar gave the logs, and J.R. Griner sawed the lumber.

  • February 13, 1898
    These wonderful people met in their church. What willing and determined spirits they had. The first Sunday, blocks with boards on them were used as seats. Mrs. Bertha Woodward Harvey played the organ.

  • 1899
    Soon after the church was established, a committee was formed to see disorderly members. If you missed 3 Sundays you were visited. In 1899 two men asked for a leave of absence. They were to let the church hear from them every 3 months.

  • 1900
    Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wall became members. They were the grandparents of Shirley Heape and Jack Wall.

  • The Church prospered with their faith and devotion in the Lord. Sunday School started in 1901.

  • May 1902
    They preferred charges against a brother for non-attendance. First collection for the Orphans home was $2.25.

  • November 1902
    First Collection for State Missions mentioned, they collected $15.00

  • 1903
    The Church gave $48.00 to a brethren whose horse had died.

  • February 1905
    A collection was taken for a family who had a siege of fever for 40 days. They moved to exclude a brother, charges, non-attendance and swearing. Charges were preferred against members with unchristian conduct and the business of the church went on.

  • November 1909
    It was reported that a sister was seen dancing. She asked for forgiveness and the church forgave her. Soon after, we see no more chastisements in the minutes and perhaps we need some of their discipline today.

  • September 1928
    The Ladies Missionary Society was formed, now know as WMU!

  • 1937
    Two quilts, 4 bales of hay, 11 ½ bushels of corn, 2 quarts of fruit and 3 gallons syrup was sent to the orphan’s home. Interesting to note that at the time, the church was more able to give.

  • 1948
    Church voted to have homecoming 1st Sunday in October. Shirley Wall became pianist and Jack Wall became Choir Director.

  • October 1958
    Ernest Lowe gave land to build Pastorium.

  • November 1959
    Pastorium dedicated.

  • November 1960
    Recommended church buy a bus body to be used as additional Sunday school rooms.

  • July 1963
    We began having Family Night Supper once a quarter.

  • March 1975
    Social Hall completed.

  • August 1981
    WMU held their first BYW Prayer Retreat at Starling Lake. (Lake belongs to parents of Gina Starling Wall).

  • May 1988
    12 of our ladies went to the WMU Centennial Celebration in Richmond Virginia celebrating 100 years of Women on Mission. Those attending were, Cathy DeLoach, Teresa Roberts, Donna Glisson, Roxie Herring, Diane Black, Rosie Saxon, Pam Stewart, Gina Wall, Belinda Hodges (Pastor’s wife), Addie Butler, Ruth Scott, Cindy Odum, and Judy Murray from Clito Baptist Church.

  • February 1989
    Church voted to build a new Pastorium on the right side of the church.

  • July 1989
    We dedicated new Pastorium.

  • February 1996
    Olive Branch Baptist Church became incorporated.

  • November 6, 1996
    Motion was made and seconded to begin building a Sunday School Annex Building behind the Social Hall and also to build a porch on front of the Sanctuary.

  • May 1997
    Sunday School Annex Building and front porch on Sanctuary were completed. We began remodeling of Social Hall.

  • June 1997
    Put a steeple on the Church and paid for it in full.

  • July 1997
    We held a dedication service for the New Sunday School Annex Building, Front porch and Steeple on July 6. Also we poured a cement walkway from the front of the church to the breezeway.

  • August 1997
    Erin Gardner gave $1,000.00 to establish a Church Library “In Memory of Mrs. Emma Edwards Gardner” and she will donate $1,000.00 each year for this purpose.

  • October 1997
    This month our church is 100 years old. We had a Centennial Committee that planned a special “Centennial” Homecoming. Women wore long dresses and bonnets and men wore overalls. During the Morning Worship Service we had some members present a play taken from the early years at Olive Branch. We had a display of pictures in the Social Hall of former members and pastors. We also had tables set up in the Social Hall where we had Commemorative Centennial Plates that could be purchased and also History Booklets for anyone that was interested. If you wanted you could have your picture taken in a horse drawn carriage. We had a photographer there to take these pictures. It has been a great 100 years.

  • March 8, 1998
    Pete Wall who had been to Olive Branch since he was born and became a member during his early childhood was ordained as a Minister. We held a special Ordination Service and Reception for him and his family. He is now pastor at Jackson Baptist Church.

  • April 9, 1998
    On this day, our Church and the surrounding Community was hit by a tornado. We sustained extensive damages to our Church, Social Hall, Sunday School Annex Building and pastorium. Three days later our Sunday Morning Easter Service was held outside in front of the church. Everyone sat in chairs on the front lawn and the choir stood on the porch and sang the Easter Cantata. It was a very moving service. God was surely in our presence.

  • During the days, weeks and months to follow, Our Church and Community pulled together to make most of the repairs themselves. Donations were sent in by other churches and other concerned parties to help rebuild our church.

  • Through all of this we continued to meet each Sunday Morning for Sunday school and preaching and each Sunday Night and Wednesday night while repairs were being made.

  • May 1998
    Instead of canceling our Revival, we held it in the Social Hall with Brother Eddy Davis as quest speaker. We had a great turn out each night.

  • June 1998
    We began meeting back in our church with almost all repairs being completed.

  • November 1998
    Our Women on Mission held a Craft and Garage Sale. We collected over $1,100.00 and all the proceeds went to our Building Fund.

  • May 1999
    We voted to build a New Sanctuary. We also voted on an overall Master Plan for our Church.

  • July 1999
    We began breaking ground for the foundation of the New Sanctuary.

  • August 1999
    We had volunteers; The Faith Baptist Builders of Bartlett, Tennessee, workers of the Georgia Baptist Builders, men from other churches in Georgia and some of our own men came and began construction on our New Sanctuary. Different people purchased stain glass windows and pews to be donated to the New Sanctuary in memory or in honor of a loved one. We will continue to work as long as God leads and we have the money.

  • June 11, 2000
    We held the dedication of our New Sanctuary today. Services began in the old sanctuary with Art Tarver reading the church history. Others taking part in the dedication service were special speakers, Former Pastor James Barnes and Former member Pete Wall (who is now pastor of Jackson Baptist Church). Then the congregation followed the choir over to the new sanctuary singing “We’re marching to Zion” for the ribbon cutting on the front porch. Then our Present Pastor David Forro and Area Missionary Bob Green gave the message in the new sanctuary. Carey Roberts read his poem that he had written for this special day. We read the plaques donated by individuals & Families who had given pews dedicated to loved ones

  • September 17, 2000
    We held the dedication of the “Cornerstone” in memory of Virgil Smith. This was a special service that took the place of our Morning Worship Service. We had special music by Cindy Webb and Teresa Roberts singing “Jesus is the Cornerstone”. Bro. David Forro conducted the service, with Chairman of Deacon Ricky Edwards placing items in the box. Items placed in the box were list of active deacons and present pastor, list of members, newspaper clippings from tornado disaster, Guest book of people attending dedication of the new sanctuary, a copy of church history, WMU Cookbook, Church directory, and a letter from each Sunday School Class signed by members. David C. Forro resigned after serving as our pastor for over 16 years. He will be greatly missed.

  • August 3, 2008
    Our new pastor, Clint Sullens and his wife Lauren with their 3 little girls, Mae, Cora and Lottie came to lead us.

  • June 2010
    New Sunday School Annex Building was built. Each 1st Sunday we give a special "Free Will" Offering for the purpose of paying for this new building. Also, the Sullens family welcomed their first son into the world, Baby Gauge.

  • September 2014
    Brother Chad Wall, who grew up in Olive Branch was ordained into the Ministry. He is now Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Screven County.


Give to Accomplish God's Mission in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the Ends of the Earth.

-Acts 1:8

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